Thursday, April 1, 2010

Werther's Sugar Free!

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This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Werther's.

It's in there, talking to me.

Talking to me a lot.

I speak of my Sweet Tooth.

We have a complicated relationship. Multi-faceted. Full of passion and accusation and times of evasion followed by reunions of obsessive fervor.

As I said, complicated.

For all my head knowledge about healthy eating and running and training, Sweet Tooth can often derail my best-laid plans. Because there is another entity in the picture.

Meet my wacky Blood Sugar.

Sweet Tooth and Blood Sugar have a jealous tug-of-war for my attention. I succumb to Sweet Tooth's seduction, only to have Blood Sugar throw a fit and spike and crash.

Those two just can't seem to get along.

To default to cheap idioms, I want to have my cake and eat it too.

Following my last pregnancy with the twins, the conflict between Sweet Tooth and Blood Sugar reached an all time pitch. I returned to the best conflict management technique I knew for dealing with these feuding food issues and strapped on my running shoes, high protein and unprocessed carbs.

And Blood Sugar came out victorious.

But I do feel a little sorry for Sweet Tooth. Although I like my smaller jeans more.

So I was just a little excited (okay, a lot excited, to coin a phrase) when a big ol' box of Wether's Original Caramel Candies arrived at my doorstep. Because these little beauties are sugar free.

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No harm, no foul.

They are sweetened with sugar alcohols, which give the candy big flavor without impacting glycemic levels, that indicator of Blood Sugar's state of sensitivity. Throughout my running training, I've come to love nutritional products that utilize sugar alcohols as a sweetener. They impart great, authentic taste without some strange aftertaste. And Wether's has definitely pulled it off with these little golden yummies.

I've always been partial to caramel. Creamy, smooth, perfect with the sour savor of a green apple or the dark bite of chocolate. Caramel is like that perfect little black dress. It goes with many of my favorite things. And to get a guilt-free hit of caramel's richness, knowing that Blood Sugar can't say anything about it, makes this girl smile. My favorite flavors are the classic Wether's Original Caramel, followed closely by the Caramel Coffee.
But that's today.

And tomorrow I may have a fling with the Caramel Cinnamon.

Or the Caramel Mint.

But for the moment, I'm just going to delight in another Caramel Coffee and wonder at its eight calorie goodness. And I'm going to relish a little thing called peace. Peace between Sweet Tooth and Blood Sugar.

With Werther's Sugar Free, they can get along just fine.

So what about you? How do you get your Sweet Tooth and your Blood Sugar to get along? Have you tried a little sugar-free remedy? Come on, dish!

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